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Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever….

This Saturday is “THE Saturday” at Gossett Brothers Nursery. Besides the Farmers Market, Gossett Brothers is privileged to once again host the annual Mothers Day weekend fundraiser for the Lewisboro Garden Club. If their was ever a time to come in and get your garden questions answered, this would be it. On Saturday all the members of the Lewisboro Garden club will be working with the Gossett staff to help you choose the best annual, perennial, shrub or tree. Its a once a year event that is not to be missed.
Traditionally, this is one of the busiest weekends of the summer season and all week long we has been receiving deliveries. The Nursery is stocked to the gills with a great selection of plants. So whatever you are looking for, come on in this Saturday and browse every nook and cranny of the Nursery with the members of the Lewisboro Garden Club to find some of the best of natures offerings.
The Lewisboro Garden club is also sponsoring a bake sale on Saturday. Homemade pies, cakes, cookies and other tempting treats will be on sale. One of the great services that the Lewisboro Garden Club provides to the community is the “Golden Roads” program.  This program, which has been a great success for the past 4 years, encourages homeowners and businesses to line their properties with daffodils. The Garden Club coordinates mass plantings of daffodils along public roadways and this year they will plant thousands of daffodils in front of the stone wall along Elmwood Road at Onatru Farm, Lewisboro Hamlet. You can help support the Golden Roads program, and help beatify our town roads. Just ask any of the Lewisboro Garden Club folks

Golden Roads program at work

about the Golden Roads program while you’re shopping on Saturday.

Remember, candy is dandy, but Plants have zero calories! So come and find the perfect plant for Mom and bring her home some of the best organic and freshest food in Lewisboro.
But wait there is more!! This weekend is also the annual bee pickup weekend! Guy Hodges, our resident bee-keeper will be getting his annual delivery of bees. Several thousand bees will be visiting Gossett Brothers Nursery this Saturday. Guy will be keeping all his buzzing friends way in the back of the Gossett property, so no need to get nervous if you’re bee shy. If you are coming to pick up your bees on Saturday, follow the signs to the back of the Gossett property and you will find Guy and your bees waiting for you.
This weeks Specials and Mentions from our Farmers Market Vendors.
Picklelicious: Quart of full sour pickles for $5.00  reg. price $7.00
Bongo & Capacci Pasta: Crab Cakes, best in the tri-state. 3 for $24, 6 for $42.
Wave Hill Breads’: Wave Hill Breads’ has shapes that are not found in many stores: the large and small epi.  Try their JUST CRUST Antioxidant Chips and Croutons de Campagne in various flavors including WITH A KICK, Lemony-Thyme, and NAKED.
They will also be offering Ariston 12-year aged Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (with very low acidity) and the Balsamic/EVOO combo, perfect for salads.
And Margaret will answer the question, “Why does a bakery in Connecticut have the same name as a botanical garden in Riverdale, The Bronx?”
Renee’s Jellies and Jams: This week, Renee introduces another new flavor – Orange Marmalade! Wow!, get me some toast!!
Here is a list of Vendors coming to the Gossett’s Farm Market this Saturday.
01) Seatuck Seafood.
02) Cascasde Mountain Wine
03) And the Beads go on….
04) Grazin’ Angus Acres.
05) Picklelicious.
06) The Farmers Daughter.
08) Gaia’s Breath Farm.
09) Madera Farms.
10) Renee’s Jams & Jellies
11) Go-Go Pops.
12) Wave Hill Breads.
13) Bongo & Capacci Pasta.
14) Pampered Cow Creamery.
15) Krazy for Kazus
16) Mama Earth
17) Bee Guy Apiaries.
So needless to say, with the Farmers Market, the Lewisboro Garden Club fundraiser and the annual bee pickup all happening on the same day, the Nursery is going to be packed.  The staff at Gossett’s has put in an extra effort all this week getting the Nursery ready for this weekend (we don’t need a gym!), and the place looks simply amazing!! The annuals have arrived, the herbs and vegetables are out, and everywhere you turn you are greeted with color and variety that shows the graceful and endless beauty of nature.  We are so lucky to have an local fundraiser like the Lewisboro Garden Club come to the Nursery, and to have dedicated farmers who travel hours to bring you the best in farm-freash food. We hope you enjoy your time at the Gossett’s Farm Market here at Gossett’s Brothers Nursery as much as we enjoy bringing the best of nature to you. On this weekend we ask everyone to have a little patience and to follow the directions of the folks helping you to park so everyone can enjoy their time at the Nursery.
One last thought. Thinking about renewable energy? Ever wonder how Solar panels work and if it’s worth getting your house “off the grid” and suppling your own electricity while selling the excess power back to your local electric provider? Well on Saturday, May 22nd, Gossett Brothers Nursery will have someone at the Farmers market to talk to you about that. Check out the Gossett Web page or Gossett Facebook page during the week for more information.
Happy Mothers Day!!!!

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Local Guys Cook Local Foods! Cooking demo, Sat, December 19, South Salem

Local Guys Cook Local Foods! Cooking demo at Gossett’s Indoor Farmer’s Market, Saturday, December 19th from 10-12:30.

This week Gossetts Farm Market welcomes real guys cooking John Imbiano and Richard Quigley, landscape architects at IQ Landscape Design. They’ll be cooking John’s secret pork chop recipe and Richard’s famous venison!

The Local Foods-Local Chefs series and the Local Guys Cook Local Foods series was created in order to inspire home cooking, show people how to use foods they may be unfamiliar with, foster a sense of connection with farmers and producers, and raise awareness of the complexity of flavors and nutrient density of sustainably raised produce and meats.

Gossett’s Farm Market is located at 1202 Rte 35, South Salem, NY 10590. Want to sign up to cook? Call Heather at 914.763.0474 to find out how. To visit John and Rich’s site click on the logo above.

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And now for something completely different… Cast-Iron Dutch Ovens and Charcoal

Click on the logo to go to Robert's Site

This Saturday, December 5th from 11 am till 1 pm, Gossetts Farm Market is pleased to present Robert Burke, adirondack native and an outdoor river adventure guide for 30 years. Robert is the founder of Adirondack River Outfitters. Robert is going to teach you how to use cast-iron dutch ovens over charcoal. These dutch ovens are adaptable to economical cooking on your back porch and produce excellent flavor! Equally conducive to river or horseback adventure trips, you can cook fish/meats, vegetables, casseroles, stew, chili, rice, or even apple crisp. Robert and Heather Katonah Green’s Heather Flournoy are going to make vegetable enchiladas and a seasonal dessert. Come have fun, learn how to use your own dutch oven and cook up some seasonal produce.

Don’t forget that the market is INSIDE from now till March. The Christmas decorations are hung, the wood burning stove is fired up and, while the weather outside may turn frightful, inside Gossetts Farm Market its always delightful! See you Saturday!

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Rachel Campbell’s Gossets Farm Market Recipe

Grilled Polenta Crostini with Fennel-Tomato Compote

For the polenta:

1 box instant polenta (I used Colavita)

¼ cup olive oil

For the fennel-tomato compote:

2 Tablespoons olive oil, + extra for brushing on the polenta

2 large bulbs or 4 small bulbs fennel, stalks removed and sliced thinly

1 pint cherry tomatoes, sliced in half length-wise

Salt and pepper to taste

Polenta: Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap and set aside. Prepare the polenta according to the package directions. Immediately pour the polenta into the loaf pan and smooth the top. Set aside and let cool.

Compote: Meanwhile, heat a large skillet to medium and add the olive oil. Add the fennel and cook until soft. Add the tomatoes and cook until soft. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Heat a clean grill. Remove the polenta from the pan and slice cross-wise into ½ inch pieces. Brush each slice on both sides with olive oil and grill. To serve, spoon each polenta slice with the com

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Local Foods-Local Chefs Series: Rachel Campbell at the Farmer’s Market

Food Stylist Rachel Campbell cooks up some Red and Yellow Pepper Pureed Soup while preparing Grilled Polenta and a Fennel-Tomato Compote to top it off!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Local Foods-Local Chefs Series: Rache…“, posted with vodpod

Many thanks to Gossetts Farm Market for hosting Katonah Green’s Local Food–Local Chefs Cooking Demonstration Series, and to this episodes’ food contributor: Madura Farms for the organically grown fennel, shallots, potato, peppers, carrots and tomatoes.

The Local Foods–Local Chefs Demo Series is coordinated by Heather Flournoy for KatonahGreen.com

Check out the market every Saturday year-round in South Salem, NY:  GossettsFarmMarket.com

follow Heather on Twitter: @katonahgreen

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Antifreeze for the body

On Saturday, October 17th, Gossetts Farm Market welcomes Holistic Health Counselor Lisa Miller. Lisa will teach us how prepare simple soups using fresh, local ingredients from the Market that will get your body ready for the chill of winter. Show up anytime between 11am-1pm and bring your family!

The Katonah Green Chef Demonstration Series runs at Gossetts Farm Market every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m

What is holistic health counseling? Holistic health counseling treats each person as the individual that they are. What works for one person may not work for another.

Lisa Miller WellnessLisa works with the concept of primary foods and secondary foods. Primary foods are the things in your life: exercise, relationships, career and spirituality. Secondary foods are the foods you eat. You can eat the healthiest, cleanest diet in the world, but if you’re miserable in your relationship or unfulfilled in your career you will not be healthy.

Being healthy doesn’t take as much time as you make think. It actually gives you more time and energy. How? By eating well and leading a balanced life you will gain energy, decrease stress, think more clearly, rev up your metabolism, feel more confident and find time to do the things you love. You’ll feel amazing! Click on the Wellness logo above to see Lisa Millers website.

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The Flying Pig lands at Gossetts Farm Market

On Saturday, October 10th, Chef Lesley Sutter from the Flying Pig restaurant will show us her secrets for preparing fresh-from-the-market foods from the Gosetts Farm vendors. Lesley will be handing out FREE SAMPLES of her creations for all to savor. So come enjoy the tastes and smells of farm fresh foods and let your eyes feast on the surrounding beauty of the Nursery as the tress and shrubs continue to put on the annual fall show.

The Katonah Green Chef Demonstration Series runs at Gossetts Farm Market every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m

FlyingPigThe Flying Pig on Lexington is Northern Westchester’s standard bearer for local, natural, farm-to-table foods. With a menu that showcases farm-fresh foods from the Hudson Valley and beyond, we capture the vibrancy of seasonal flavors. We help you experience the sensory joy of eating locally, seasonally, and healthfully. Click on the Flying Pig logo to visit their website.

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