Neither wind, nor rain, nor crazy April weather……..

I think our vendors must of worked for the post office in a past life, because no matter what kind of wild weather April brings, they always get here and get the job done. We started off the month with a bang, amazing sunny skies and warm days, but then reality set back in and last Saturday we were blown around and just barely warm. This Saturday looks like its goona be a wet, cool one, but not to worry, our ‘cold-hardened” farmers have some specials for you, to help entice you to come and play in the rain.

Picklelicious is putting there Half Sour Pickles on sale for $5.00 a quart, reg. price $7.00.

Cascade Mountain is happy to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day 2010 with a newly released batch of California Certified Organic Olive Oil….this oil of a Spanish origin and is grown, crushed and packed on one 1800 acre parcel in the Upper Sacramento Valley, it has a tremendous fruity nose,never bitter and very pleasing as a finish oil The special this week only is $11.00 for 375 mll and $19.00 for the 750s…so enjoy and decrease your dependancy on foreign oil!!!

Madera Farms is bringing some asparagus, fresh (green) garlic stalks, maybe some rhubarb, sorrel along with there usual fantastic greens. Finally Wave Hill Breads will have lots and lots of “Just Crusts” chips, always a crowd favorite.

We also have a Local Artisan this Saturday. Dorothy Jagodzinski,  who is the talent behind “Creative Crafts by Dorothy”,   is sharing that talent by bringing her handmade  Aprons, Table Runners, Tote Bags, Jewlery and more to the Market. You can see a photo of some of her items for sale under the “Nursery Events” tab.

Here is the latest list of participating vendors for this Saturday.

Cascasde Mountain Wine

Grazin’ Angus Acres

Dutch Deserts


The Farmers Daughter

Gaia’s Breath Farm

Madera Farms

Wave Hill Breads

Bongo & Capacci Pasta

Mama Earth – Organic Deserts

Pampered Cow Creamery – NEW -Amazing Cheese from grass fed cows. Find more about them at

Guy Hodges, our resident beekeeper.  Beekeeping suplies, bee’s wax candles and more. (and Beekeeper for Martha Stewart!)

Seatuck Seafood.

Be sure tocheck out the Specials for the Farmers Market, and Gossett Nursery along with information about “Perennial-Pot-Luck”. Click on Nursery Events tab to find out more.

So we will see you at the Market, don’t forget to bring your galoshes and bumbershoot!


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