You’ll need some rocks in your pockets this morning!

Good Morning, It’s gonna be a bit breezy at the Market this morning, but the weather guys are saying it’s gonna warm up , and blue skies are forecast for later on. Our vendors are all of the hardy variety, and they are all here,  set up and ready to go. So put some rocks in your pockets, and come on down to the Market. Stop by Go-Go Pops and get some warm coffee while you shop!

Here is the vender list for this Saturday.

Cascasde Mountain Wine

Clean Ridge Soap

Grazin’ Angus Acres

Dutch Deserts


The Farmers Daughter

Gaia’s Breath Farm

Madera Farms

Go-Go Pops

Wave Hill Breads

Bongo & Capacci Pasta

Mama Earth – Organic Deserts

Pampered Cow Creamery – NEW -Amazing Cheese from grass fed cows. Find more about them at

The Orchid Guy. Dave will help you pick out and tell you how to care for the perfect Orchid

Guy Hodges, our resident beekeeper.  Beekeeping suplies, bee’s wax candles and more.

Seatuck Seafood.

Also, check out the Specials from the Farmers Market, and Gossett Nursery along with information about todays FREE Gardening 101 class! Click on Nursery Events tab to find out more.


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