Local Guys Cook Local Foods! Cooking demo, Sat, December 12, South Salem

Local Guys Cook Local Foods! Cooking demo at Gossett’s Indoor Farmer’s Market, Saturday, December 12th from 10-12:30.

This week’s real guy cooking is Max Barry, a personal fitness trainer from Danbury. He’s going to cook us  grilled sweet potatoes, grass fed beef and sauteed kale.

Max says “I like to keep it simple, clean and local. Just a little salt, pepper and olive oil, and good quality basics and it’s gonna be good. I’ve actually been developing a Spice Rub blend, that I came up with because I was eating too much salt. So in the process of finding one I liked, I got creative. I’ve ended up with a blend that just isn’t available in a store, so you can try it out this weekend.”

You can check out Max’s fitness site at http://www.nu-fit.net or follow him on Twitter @Nu_Fit

An essential part of the demo series is YOU! We want your questions on food, health, and cooking. Our goal is that you walk away inspired to cook with real foods and feel a connection to the producers. And of course we want you to stick around for samples of the foods created by our cooks!
Want to sign up to cook? Call Heather at 914.763.0474 to find out how.

The Local Foods-Local Chefs series and the Local Guys Cook Local Foods series was created by Heather Flournoy of KatonahGreen in order to inspire home cooking, show people how to use foods they may be unfamiliar with, foster a sense of connection with farmers and producers, and raise awareness of the complexity of flavors and nutrient density of sustainably raised produce and meats.

Gossett’s Farm Market is located at 1202 Rte 35, South Salem, NY 10590

The market features organically grown veggies, grassfed meats, free-range chicken eggs, Wave Hill Breads, seafood, handcrafts and artisanalprepared foods.


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