Antifreeze for the body

On Saturday, October 17th, Gossetts Farm Market welcomes Holistic Health Counselor Lisa Miller. Lisa will teach us how prepare simple soups using fresh, local ingredients from the Market that will get your body ready for the chill of winter. Show up anytime between 11am-1pm and bring your family!

The Katonah Green Chef Demonstration Series runs at Gossetts Farm Market every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m

What is holistic health counseling? Holistic health counseling treats each person as the individual that they are. What works for one person may not work for another.

Lisa Miller WellnessLisa works with the concept of primary foods and secondary foods. Primary foods are the things in your life: exercise, relationships, career and spirituality. Secondary foods are the foods you eat. You can eat the healthiest, cleanest diet in the world, but if you’re miserable in your relationship or unfulfilled in your career you will not be healthy.

Being healthy doesn’t take as much time as you make think. It actually gives you more time and energy. How? By eating well and leading a balanced life you will gain energy, decrease stress, think more clearly, rev up your metabolism, feel more confident and find time to do the things you love. You’ll feel amazing! Click on the Wellness logo above to see Lisa Millers website.


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