A “Horse & Hound” visit the Market.

This Saturday, in our continuing series of Chef Demos coordinated by Katonah Green , Gossetts Farm Market is happy to welcome Sue Vales, Head Chef and owner of the Horse & Hound Restaurant in South Salem.

motif01.jpgChef Sue, using ingredients from the Market itself, will be cooking up something amazing this Saturday, September 12th from 11:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.

The Locals know just how great the food is at the the Horse and Hound restaurant, on any night the parking lot is usually filled. Its a wonderful place to gather with friends and neighbors to enjoy some local hospitality in a friendly and warm environment.  So come and experience the great food that Chef Sue Vales will be cooking up this Saturday.

Sue will be handing out FREE FOOD SAMPLES along with unique tips and ideas that only a experienced and successful restauranteur could offer. For more information about the Horse and Hound Restaurant, click the picture to the left.


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