A Passion for Healthy Living

Carmen Jerome

Carmen Jerome

On Saturday, August 29th, Carmen Jerome  shared her passion for food and healthy living and cook up something nutritious and fun! Carmen, using ingredients from the Gossett Farm Market itself, made pizza on the grill using a home-maid honey wheat crust.

Carmen made the honey wheat crust night before, and then on Saturday morning walked around the market  and picked out whatever looked good for a pizza topping, sliced it all up, piled it neatly on the pre-made crusts and placed it all directly on the grill at a medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Pizza toppings included fresh veggies from Madura Farms, goat and pork sausages from New England Farms, and fresh made cheeses from the Farmer’s Daughter and Bardwell Farms.   It was a fun, simple meal that the kids and parents loved!

Carmen Jerome has been active in the health and wellness industry for five years, studying everything from Massage Therapy, yoga, and fitness training to Permaculture and Holistic Nutrition.  She is an active supporter of organic farming, volunteers with local community gardens, and never turns down an opportunity to whip up a new recipe with fresh ingredients.

“Food, I mean REAL food, that’s what I’m passionate about.  I love everything about it, the growing, harvesting, preparing, enjoying; there’s just something magical about the relationship between our bodies, the food we consume, and the nature that provided it.” ~Carmen Jerome


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