Shrimp and Sausage Middle-Eastern Style!

On Saturday, August 22nd Chef Liz Gagnon from Nature’s Temptations used her  30 years of full service catering experience to cook up some tasty treats! !  Chef Liz prepared an amazing Middle-Eastern style shrimp & sausage over stirred-fried vegetables. It looked, smelled and tasted great and Chef Liz only used the fresh ingredients from the Market.

To see a video of Chef Liz cooking at the Market, click on the VODPOD link on the sidebar which is on the right hand side of this blog page. Hats off to Chef Liz Gagnon for showing patrons how to prepare their purchases in a unique and delicious fashion.

Natures Temptations Organic Market and Deli, located in Ridgefield, CT and Nature’s Temptations Organic Market in Cross River, NY offer the highest quality natural and organic foods, and the best local produce and groceries.

Our Vision: to give the community a warm and friendly environment where everyone can learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and the staff to help you attain a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

You can find more information about Nature’s Temptations by visiting:


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